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Wunsch auf einem Stern title photo by CelticAife (aka Hydrotamer)


"Wishing on stars is easy but there are always complications as to making them come true..."

Set in a fictional medieval/renaissance setting, Wunsch auf einem Stern is a fanfiction written by Hydrotamer on (aka CelticAife on Deviantart). The story uses main and OC characters (all of which are created by Hydrotamer) from the famed anime/manga Hetalia  to tell its tale.

As of July 23rd, 2013 the finale for Part one (or Season one) has been uploaded on, but has yet to reach Deviantart. 

The story can be read here on or here at Deviantart.

On September 7th, 2013 a interquel focusing on the character Jewel Fall was created and uploaded to It can be read here:

Currently a made-for-Youtube series adaptation is being scripted and in production.


The story revolves around Kandake Sitota who, during a meteor shower with her family, wished that they could all be together. However, in a sudden turn of events, Kandake's home and family are attacked by an opposing nation, and soon her father leaves for war. A few months later Kandake's mother sells her and her sisters to a plantation stating how it's good for the people that they leave. Then 10 years later, things go from bad to worse when one of Kandake's sister's gets kidnapped, and other goes out looking for her! Now Kandake must find a way to reunite her broken family.


List of Wunsch auf einem Stern characters

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